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1XV v RTB Ebbw Vale (Away) 05 Jan 2002

25-17 Win

Conditions were so questionable both underfoot and in terms of visibility for Monmouth’s 1st XV away at RTB Ebbw Vale last Saturday, that the game was in doubt almost until the kick off. The ground was still quite frozen in many places and it was only the determination of the players that ensured it went ahead and fortunate that nothing more serious than a few bumps and scrapes were suffered in what was an absorbing win by 25-17 for Monmouth. In fact even the referee would have struggled to have seen everything that took place in the sometimes all embracing fog.

Druids v Hereford (XXXX) 05 Jan 2002

0-10 Loss

1XV v Chepstow (Home) 29 Dec 2001

17-19 Loss

The Christmas break brought mixed feelings for Monmouth supporters, because despite a win against old rivals Usk on Boxing Day and a loss by only two points last Saturday in the league match away at Chepstow, it wasn’t quite what it appeared.

Druids v Aberbeeg (XXXX) 29 Dec 2001

24-0 Win

1XV v Usk (Home) 26 Dec 2001

29-5 Win

Druids v Usk (Away) 26 Dec 2001

10-0 Win

1XV v Machen (Away) 22 Dec 2001

13-14 Loss

Druids v Long Levens (XXXX) 15 Dec 2001

26-21 Win

1XV v Cilfynydd (Home) 15 Dec 2001

15-20 Loss

On yet another sunny December Saturday, it came as a shock when visitors Cilfynydd objected to playing on a pitch the referee had found playable, because of an alleged fear of injury to their players. After a full 20 minutes of negotiation and prevarication they were suddenly persuaded. But how much the undeclared late arrival of some key team members helped in this respect was to become only too apparent before long.

Druids v Old Tylerians (XXXX) 08 Dec 2001

25-6 Win

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