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1XV v Barry (Away) 13 Apr 2002

7-25 Loss

To expect to beat Barry the current league leaders away was probably an exaggerated expectation when they only needed one more win to guarantee promotion. And if Monmouth’s supporters had any doubts, the popping of champagne corks by the home side confirmed that they had beaten their visitors 25-7.

Druids v Coney Hill (Away) 06 Apr 2002

19-12 Win

1XV v Bream (Away) 30 Mar 2002

36-3 Win

Spring weather, a local 'derby’ and free flowing rugby was what it was all about when Monmouth visited Bream for a welcome change from the rigours of Welsh League rugby on Saturday.

The almost unfailing sunshine, with lovely view all around, seemed a far cry from the muddied attrition of just a month or so ago in the valleys of Gwent. The Gloucester hosts were to provide the same vocal supporters and an even more vocal referee but a far greater degree of sportsmanship than one has become used to with the pressure on teams needing league points and their ‘win’ bonus.

Druids v Old Tylerians (XXXX) 30 Mar 2002

59-0 Win

1XV v Ynysddu (Home) 16 Mar 2002

33-21 Win

Monmouth played as well as they normally do, but at long last converted potential into points when they beat Ynysddu 33-21 despite a spirited comeback by the visitors in the last twenty minutes, and also despite some refereeing decisions which appeared to cost them a difference of at least a further 14 points.

Druids v Cheltenham (XXXX) 16 Mar 2002

11-29 Loss

1XV v Tredegar Ironsides (Away) 09 Mar 2002

6-10 Loss

Despite dominating the forward exchanges and possibly because they tried to play running rugby in a howling gale, Monmouth lost their league match away at Tredegar Ironsides on Saturday by 10-6.

The first half was a challenge playing against the elements but apart from a converted try conceded due to a defensive error trying to touch down a ball that Tredegar had fly-hacked down the field and a penalty to a penalty by Frost, Monmouth implied that the play would be all theirs with the wind in their favour in the second half.

Druids v Usk (XXXX) 09 Mar 2002

6-3 Win

1XV v Crumlin (Home) 23 Feb 2002

10-28 Loss

On Saturday, Monmouth played one of those ‘must win’ games against Crumlin who had previously beaten them, but who Monmouth led in the league table although the visitors had several games in hand.

After winning the toss and choosing to play against the fierce and cold wind, Monmouth set off at some pace looking as if they knew the importance of the game.

Rugged though Crumlin always are, the Monmouth pack were starting to make dents on their opponents with flanker Stacey Edwards winning ball after ball on the ground.

Druids v Coney Hill (XXXX) 23 Feb 2002

26-0 Win

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