U9 v Gwernyfed (Away) 19 Feb 2012

35-20 Win

It all started ominusly with several players unable to make it due to injuries picked up to key players like (ben - 'big hitting' Morgan with man flu and Adam 'billy wizz' Davies with a pos broken arm,) the trip to Gwynufred was looking daunting at best...

We arrived to find we had only 9 players but luckily enough the home side only had 9 also. After talking the the home coach he showed me the pitch which was Massive and wasn't far of an adult pitch. After a quick chat to the boys and some challenges put down to the forwards to start putting some tackles in as 'Big hitting' Ben Morgan wasn't there, the game started with a flurry with the home side taking the start but our forwards leading from the front and putting some huge hits in and turning over the ball. Monmouth spun it wide and reaped the benifit of our broken field runners to race the length and score..1 - 0 to us, unheard of for the boys to start so strong.

The rest of the game went try for try with our tackling holding strong and hard running by our backs and forwards giving us a 5 - 3 lead into the second half.
We started the half with the words off the coaches to run hard and straight for 2 hits and then spin it wide to run their chunckier pack around, we started strong with Robby scoring straight from the start, running straight through some weak tackles, obviously our plan of running them round was working as gwynufred were looking out on their feet with them looking for contact after one pass and quite often always to the same players.

The game finished 7 - 4 to monmouth who's superior team work and direct running ruled the day.

Special mention has to go to:
Our two second rows - Angus and Robby who were as strong as they were fast and caused problems all over the park,
Henry for his 'David and Goliath style' tackling of the big men of Gwynufred,
Oli for running 70yrs to score in the corner (and then feeling so shattered that he had to sit down in the middle of the field in a heap to get some treatement / take a breath..but the sight of his mother running on immediately sprung the lad to his feet to carry on!)
And Lewis for his first nice loop with Rui to run 30yrds to score his 1st try of the season in the corner.

Finally, man of the match had to go to Rui for his 'coming of age' in Ben's absence and putting in some huge hits all day.

Well done, performance of the season...never beaten Gwynyfred in 3yrs..

Tries: Angus (2), Robby (2), Lewis, Oli, Henry

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