U8 v Pontyclyn (Away) 06 Jan 2013

Wow! What a start to 2013. A great game had by all eight players.
We played two games of ten minutes each half with fab results.

Osian and Finlay led the tagging and tries but the team soon gelled and listened to Angus.

Tags and tries as follows, in alphabetical order;
Callum 10
Corey 4
Dennis 5
Dominic 7
Finlay 11
George 2
Noah 4
Osian 16
Owen 6

Fantastic efforts in tagging.

Callum 3
Dennis 2
Dominic 1
Finlay 1
George 4
Osian 5

Superb efforts for try scoring. Owen and Corey each missed out having had a super run towards a corner and were tagged.

Captain for the day was George.

Q1 3:4 to Pontyclun
Q2 7:7 draw
Q3 2:1 to Sharks
Q4 4:5 to Pontyclun

My maths make it Sharks 16 : 17 Pontyclun not 14:17 as I first reported. I apologise I must have got too excited and not marked off the scores on the total tally.

A reasonable even match played.

Well done boys!

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