U14 v Drybrook (Home) 27 Oct 2013

46-27 Win

Result: 46- 27 Monmouth win:

A Monmouth development team entertained a Drybrook development side in-between the showers on Chippie fields last Sunday, for what turned out to be an entertaining game of midi rugby, played in good spirit by both sides, helped along by co-operation amongst the respective coaches and the balanced refeering of multi-talented Rob P on the whistle.

Monmouth started strongly through the hard work of the forwards, allowing the backline to develop a platform from which they launched a number of sustained attacks on the opposition line. The ongoing pressure resulted in Monmouth scoring a brace of tries in the first third of the game. Drybrook to thier credit battled hard in defence, fighting thier way back during the latter stages, scoring three consulation tries in the final quarter through the work of thier own forwards and hard running out wide.

Monmouth had the last word, overall they proved to be more aggressive in defence and creative with ball in hand when the opportunity arose throughout the game.

A big thank you to the parents of both sides for thier support on the day, particularly given the weather condiditons overnight and during the early hours of Sunday.

Tries: Brown (5), Roberts, Hughes, Impey
Conv: Bayliss (3)

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