young rugby contacts

Young Rugby Officers

Honorary President Steve Miles
Honorary President Tim McCord
Chairman Craig Sheppard
Vice Chairman Mark Fernandez-Ford
Treasurer Gabriel Hilu
Secretary Rob Pilot
Fixtures Secretary Rob Pilot
Registration Secretary Helen Johnson
Child Protection Officer Liz Watkins
Marketing & PR Director Craig Sheppard
Young Rugby Doctor Richard Gale
Coaching Co-ordinator Andrew Davies
Referee Co-ordinator Steve Jones
Tournament Organiser Rob Pilot

Young Rugby Contacts

U16 The Crusaders - Manager Chris Webley
U16 The Crusaders - Coach Lloyd Carlton
U16 The Crusaders - Coach Tony Watkins
U16 The Crusaders - Coach Chris Webley
U16 The Crusaders - Coach Richard Anneson
U16 The Crusaders - Coach Mark Phillips
U15 The Tigers - Manager Sharon Lanfear
U15 The Tigers - Coach Andrew Lane
U15 The Tigers - Coach Jeremy Hughes
U14 The Wasps - Manager Andrew Davies
U14 The Wasps - Coach Andrew Davies
U14 The Wasps - Coach Unassigned
U13 The Bears - Manager Rob Pilot
U13 The Bears - Coach Nick Ogilvie
U13 The Bears - Coach Rob Pilot
U12 The Lions - Manager Alison Arnell
U12 The Lions - Coach Tony Richards
U12 The Lions - Coach Phil Brevet
U12 The Lions - Coach Darryl Williams
U11 The Chiefs - Manager Jonathan Henry
U11 The Chiefs - Coach Will Copley
U11 The Chiefs - Coach Nick Coolican-Smith
U10 The Sharks - Manager Jonathan Henry
U10 The Sharks - Coach Richard Coates
U10 The Sharks - Coach Peter Baldwin
U10 The Sharks - Coach Angus Robertson
U9 The Griffins - Manager Craig Sheppard
U9 The Griffins - Coach Mark Fernandez-Ford
U9 The Griffins - Coach Gary Holley
U9 The Griffins - Asst Coach Andy Lloyd
U9 The Griffins - Asst Coach Huw Evans
U9 The Griffins - Asst Coach Charlie Newington Bridges
U9 The Griffins - Asst Coach Claude Dube
U9 The Griffins - Asst Coach Mike Rose
U8 The Warriors - Manager Andrew Bastow
U8 The Warriors - Coach Paul Burke
U8 The Warriors - Coach Gabriel Hilu
U8 The Warriors - Coach Richard Davenport
U8 The Warriors - Coach Lloyd Davies
U7 The Dragons - Manager Richard McLennan
U7 The Dragons - Coach Nick Phillips
U7 The Dragons - Coach Jonathan Hughes
U7 The Dragons - Coach Nigel Brockley

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