young rugby contacts

Young Rugby Officers

Vice President Lloyd Davies
Chairman Craig Sheppard
Treasurer Gabriel Hilu
Secretary Rob Pilot
Honorary President Tim McCord
Honorary President Steve Miles
Fixtures Secretary Rob Pilot
Registration Secretary Paul Burke
Child Protection Officer Liz Watkins
Marketing & PR Director Jeremy Hughes
Young Rugby Doctor Richard Gale
Coaching Co-ordinator Andrew Davies
Referee Co-ordinator Steve Jones

Young Rugby Contacts

U16 The Dragons - Manager Tracy Davies
U16 The Dragons - Coach Rob Frost
U16 The Dragons - Coach Andrew Davies
U15 The Crusaders - Manager Chris Webley
U15 The Crusaders - Coach Tony Watkins
U15 The Crusaders - Coach Lloyd Carlton
U14 The Tigers - Manager Sharon Lanfear
U14 The Tigers - Coach Jeremy Hughes
U14 The Tigers - Coach Andrew Lane
U13 The Wasps - Manager Steve McCoy
U13 The Wasps - Coach Nick Meek
U13 The Wasps - Coach Richard Ford
U12 The Bears - Manager Rob Pilot
U12 The Bears - Coach Rob Pilot
U12 The Bears - Coach David Ruck
U12 The Bears - Coach Nick Ogilvie
U11 The Lions - Manager Maria Pask
U11 The Lions - Coach Tony Richards
U11 The Lions - Coach Adrian Whitehead
U10 The Chiefs - Manager Jonathan Henry
U10 The Chiefs - Coach Nick Coolican-Smith
U10 The Chiefs - Coach Will Copley
U9 The Sharks - Manager Jonathan Henry
U9 The Sharks - Coach Angus Robertson
U9 The Sharks - Coach Richard Coates
U8 The Griffins - Manager Craig Sheppard
U8 The Griffins - Coach Unassigned
U8 The Griffins - Coach Unassigned
U7 The Warriors - Manager Andrew Bastow
U7 The Warriors - Coach Unassigned
U7 The Warriors - Coach Unassigned

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