monmouth rfc membership

Those of you who have been in the fortunate position of being able to attend almost any Welsh international game you have wished to in recent times, even sometimes along with friends and partners, may wish to reflect upon how best to maintain your good fortune with certainty.

One way could be to increase the number of conventional Vice-Presidencies, now renamed ‘Silver Vice President’, that you hold, whilst another might be, for example, to subscribe for a two year Platinum Vice President membership at £750 which would guarantee you the right to purchase one of our best pairs of tickets, to use as you wish, (other than selling them on above face value, of course), for every home game in a two year period. This amounts to a donation of a relatively modest £26.53 per seat on which, with your approval, we can then obtain a Gift Aid benefit as well.

Alternatively for those who wish to have access to a guaranteed ticket and a specific seat, why not consider leasing one (or more) of the Club’s remaining 8 debenture seats?

Details are available upon request from Club Treasurer, Gabby Hilu Telephone: +44 (0)1600 712309 Email: copyright Monmouth RFC 2014