U8 v Usk (Home) 17 Mar 2013

12-5 Win

After a steady warm up we played three times ten minute games with eight a side.

Usk were a determined side with some good defensive moves but Sharks were slicker and quicker at the off. Captained by Barney the Sharks were coached on the pitch by Rich and really made a big effort with not running backwards and keeping their lines more rigid.

Usk provided a good wall of defence with a couple of threats from their main scorers and produced some splendid rugby including a great dodge by their fastest player of the day.

The Sharks were substituted every try. Three on, three off and it made for a great turn around for all players. Support came from Owen, Noah, Dylan and Dennis on regular occasion and from Jack, Tom and the rest of the team to complete set moves and improvised ones too.

Congratulations to birthday boys Dennis and Owen both of whom played their socks off!! And thanks Dennis for the cake.

Final score
Sharks 12 : 5 Usk

Barney (6), Callum (7), Corey (5), Dennis (6), Dominic (3), Dylan (3), Jack (6), Matthew (5), Noah (3), Owen (3), Tom (6)

Barney, Callum (2), Corey, Dennis (2), Dominic (2), Matthew (3), Noah

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