U7 v Caerleon (Away) 02 Dec 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed training at the Leisure Centre this morning.

Griffins 2 arrived at Caerleon with the sun shining but frost on the ground.

I'm delighted to let you know that Griffins 1 maintained their unbeaten run, despite the best efforts of Caerleon. Our boys showed great discipline and the coaching in the leisure centre last week certainly paid off with Griffins defending and attacking as a team with some great running, tagging and support.

We took 9 boys to Caerleon. Caerleon had 18 players so we agreed to play a few games. All in all we played their "Romans" team, then their "Centurions"
Team and the third game was "Romans" one half and "centurions" second half. Everyone was so impressed by the boys level of stamina, although by the third game they were all getting tired!!

The games were won
5 v 1, 3 v 1 and 3 v 2 with tries being scored by:

Harry 6
Finley 2
Thomas 2
Vince 1

Well done boys.

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