The Monmouth RFC handbook is a rugby almanac of club information and club, school and international fixtures. Up to 1000 copies are distributed locally at the start of the season to our members and at key advertising locations in Monmouth. The Handbook is used and referred to throughout the rugby season by our players and members, who are encouraged to use the services of our sponsors. A permanent electronic copy of the handbook is advertised on our website.

Handbook Advertising Cost for 2016/17

Full page £150.00 plus VAT
3/4 page £100.00 plus VAT
1/2 page £75.00 plus VAT
1/4 page £50.00 plus VAT
Back page £350.00 plus VAT
Inside back page £250.00 plus VAT
Inside front page £250.00 plus VAT

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information in relation to handbook, website or sponsorship advertising.

We look forward to working with you.

Andrew Davies on 07966 046488

Email us at spuddavies@hotmail.com


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