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Senior Club Membership & International Tickets

With the continued success of the Welsh rugby team the demands for international match tickets increased last season, with the club quickly selling all of our tickets.

An International Ticket Application Form can be found below. All enquiries in relation to international tickets should be directed to please.

Members of the Club will be invited to apply for whatever number of tickets they feel they might like. Applications will only be considered valid if accompanied by deposit for each of the tickets applied for, which includes the Club’s reduced ticket handling charge of £3.00. A full refund of charges will of course be made for any tickets we may be unable to provide. Applications will only be considered for fully paid up members.

In the interests of fairness to all members, ticket allocations will be made in the following priority order:

1. Sponsors (in accordance with their customised agreements).

2. Platinum Vice-President (who will be guaranteed a pair of tickets for each home game - ordinarily 13 games over a two year period).

3. Gold Vice-President (who will be guaranteed a ticket for each home game ordinarily 13 games over a two year period).

4. Silver Vice-President (who will be entitled to a guaranteed ticket to one Autumn International and to one Six Nations game only).

5. Committee member

6. Playing member

7. Full member (who may be included in a ballot for any unallocated remainder and for which they have correctly applied).

Alternatively for those who wish to have access to a guaranteed ticket and a specific seat, why not consider leasing one (or more) of the Club’s debenture seats? Details are available upon request from the Treasurer, Kevin Pritchard -

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