key objectives

Monmouth RFC continues to flourish and has done since 1873! Our 400+ rugby players, 50+ coaches, managers, administrators and 1200+ members continue to support the Club and enjoy the welcoming and friendly environment that is Monmouth RFC.

As a Club we have set ourselves a number of key objectives:

New Flood Lights

One of our primary objectives in recent seasons has been to install adequate floodlight facilities on Chippenham playing fields. The new state of the art floodlights on two pitches on the Chippy is the first floodlit grass playing facility in the Monmouth area. Training on grass during the winter months is critical for rugby training and development during the season. All players have benefited enormously from this new facility and midweek training numbers have increased significantly over the last two seasons.

This season we will look to raise funds and install two new floodlight columns on the Druids pitch on Chippenham to allow us to play competitive matches under floodlights for the first time.

Enhanced Clubhouse Facilities

Our newly refurbished clubhouse is an excellent facility for use by our patrons, sponsors, other clubs and associations and the general public. We recently hosted the Wales Under 20s World Cup three day training camp at the Club, a Level 2 coaching course last season and a WRU brain storming session, including a canoeing trip down the Wye!! Club Stewardess, Emma Henry, and her team provide a professional and welcoming environment, with every catering requirement being met and surpassed.

These enhanced facilities allow us to use the club more effectively throughout the season and provide the opportunity to generate additional revenue. Please come along and enjoy the new facilities. Non – members, businesses and other clubs and associations are more than welcome to use the Club facilities.

We are exploring the feasibility of building a new state of the art club house and stand next to the 1stXV pitch on the Monmouth Sports Ground. Our pre planning application was well received by Monmouth County Council and we are working closely with our fellow clubs at the Sports Association and Monmouth County Council in this respect. Watch this space!!

New Clubhouse Proposal

Excellent Coaching - Schools Rugby Officers and Ambassadors

Our key objective is to be the rugby club of first choice for rugby players and to develop the game at all levels. In order to achieve this objective, our coaches need to be at the forefront of their coaching prowess.

We have invested in our coaches and currently have the most qualified coaching team in the WRU Dragons region. Our Head Coach, Paul Emanuelli, is also the club’s Coaching Coordinator and is responsible for ensuring that all coaches are suitably qualified and have the required support to coach their teams to the required standard.

A key initiative this season is for our senior players to play an active role in helping to coach our young rugby teams. The objective is to qualify the senior players as WRU coaches and to pass their contemporary rugby experience onto the young players and their age group coaches.

Our Rugby Ambassadors – Monmothians and Welsh Internationals Hallam Amos and Cameron Watson Boycott have had a profound impact on player numbers within the club and will continue to cement our relationship with the local schools and the great Monmouth community.


Excellent Social Calendar

The Club relies on revenue generated from bar sales and from social events to survive financially. This year will see an enhanced social calendar, with Club Days, large social events and Sponsors Days taking place at key times throughout the season.

Key dates for the diary including key social events will be published early to encourage attendance and early bookings.

Please support these events and get involved. You don’t have to be a rugby player/member to enjoy a good time at the Club- everyone is welcome!

Continued Playing Success

Our 1st XV became League Champions last season, winning National League Division 3 East A in emphatic style. Our objective this season is to win League 2 East and enjoy a good cup run, which will hopefully take the club to the Principality Stadium at the end of this season. The development and success of all teams, from our 2nd XV Druids, the establishment of a Youth side and the increased playing numbers for all senior and young teams is a key priority.

Monmouth RFC is an amateur club and as such it is incumbent upon us to ensure that our players are well looked after in the event of injury and that the social set up of the Club is as good as it can be. It is also important that the players have great kit to wear and our sponsors are key to our future success in this respect. Our first aid policy provides for the best complimentary medical care for our players.

Warriors and Gentlemen

Our primary focus is the development of rugby playing warriors and gentlemen of all ages and ability, who understand the ethos of our wonderful game and the requirement for teamwork and camaraderie within our family orientated community club.

All Members, players, supporters and guests are required to adhere to our codes of conduct. Our commitment in this respect extends to both the Club environment and the greater Monmouth community.

Our objective is to continue to build excellent relationships within the community and to welcome new members, players, supporters and guests into our environment.


We are looking at incorporating the club to become a limited company, so that all volunteers can enjoy the benefit of limited liability status, in accordance with WRU recommendations.

Please come along and join in as players, coaches or volunteers. We look forward to welcoming you to our family orientated, community based club. Telephone: +44 (0)1600 712309 Email: [email protected] copyright Monmouth RFC 2020