Mental Health Research

Mental Health Research

(Charity No. 1125538)

MRFC Certificate

Mental Health Research UK is the first UK charity dedicated to raising funds for research into mental illness in order to develop better treatments with fewer side-effects.

Our Objectives are:-

  • To protect and promote the health of the public by research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure of all forms of mental illness, and in particular the development of research findings into practical applications for the above.

  • To provide information and raise public awareness and in particular public understanding of such matters.

  • To build research capacity by way of the provision of research training awards and/or scholarships.

  • To encourage the collaboration of research and the sharing of information both within the UK and worldwide.


When the leading cause of death in young men in England and Wales is suicide you know something is wrong.

But suicide is just the tip of the iceberg – the visible part of something much, much bigger.

One in four people experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year.

Mental Health Research UK pledges to give at least 95% of all donations received to research. If you support us, nearly every penny you give is helping to make a difference in the long-term.

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