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Paul Emanuelli
Monmouth RFC Head Coach, Paul Emanuelli.

Paul is organising and leading all CPD courses, coaching qualifications and coaching coordination throughout this season.

Should you require any additional information in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to contact Paul on 07540 107847 or via email [email protected].



Our objective as a Club is to develop the game of rugby union, with a view to establishing a “Rugby Family” between the respective rugby organisations within the locality.

In conjunction with the WRU and both Monmouth Senior Schools, Monmouth RFC employed a full time Rugby Development Officer for three seasons commencing in 2015 through to 2018. The Rugby Officer role was designed to develop and promote the game of rugby union within Monmouth RFC, Monmouth Comprehensive School, Monmouth Boys School and their related Primary and feeder schools and lead all rugby related participation within the Monmouth Community. The reports cataloguing the success of the role are detailed below.

It is undoubtedly the case that friendships and contacts have been secured between the club and our Monmouth schools as a result of this initiative and we look forward to continuing to develop links between the Monmouth rugby family and community moving forward.

All coaching and CPD events will now be coordinated by Head Coach and Club Coaching Coordinator Paul Emanuelli.



Monmouth Schools Varsity Matches – A Great Success for the Community
Press Release - February 2017

Monmouth Comprehensive School recently played Monmouth Boys School in “Monmouth Varsity Matches” for the first time in many years. The varsity matches were organised and facilitated by Craig Everett, WRU - Monmouth RFC's Schools Rugby Officer, and the rugby coaches and teachers from both schools.

The newly created WRU - Monmouth RFC's Schools Rugby Officer role has been created to encourage rugby throughout all year groups, fostering closer links between local schools and the Rugby Club and has been an outstanding success to date. The fixtures between Years 7 and 8 of Monmouth Comprehensive and Monmouth Boys School were well contested, with a win for each school. All boys and girls are encouraged to come along to the club to train – and hopefully play together in the town side. There are discounted fees for joining this season, with each new player receiving a complimentary rain jacket and other playing kit. All new players are welcome.

Craig Everett commented:

“This was a great event both for the schools and Monmouth RFC and rugby was definitely the winner! Our objective at Monmouth RFC is to develop rugby playing warriors and gentlemen and to bring the community together through our wonderful game. The boys all enjoyed tea together at the Boys School pavilion and interacted well, as you would expect after two such hard fought contests on the field. I would like to thank the teachers from both schools for their wonderful support since I joined Monmouth RFC in September – they have all been fantastic and everyone is starting to buy into what we are trying to achieve. I am very much looking to working with the schools to develop a Monmouth Rugby Family, with the club assisting in joining the community together. Thank you all!!”

The Club and the schools are holding a fundraising 6 Nations Dinner on Friday 3rd February at the Blake Theatre to raise funds in support of the Schools Rugby Officer role. Welsh rugby legend and Boys School master John Bevan will be awarded Honorary Membership of Monmouth RFC with local legend and club stalwart Bob Prewett being awarded Life Membership of the club.

Future playing events include the potential meet of the two 1st XV's later in 2017 from the senior schools in what is hoped will become an annual event. Prior to that Everett is organising sessions for girls interested in starting rugby at both Monmouth Comprehensive and HMSG.

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