Wales Under 20s Rugby World Cup Camp 2016

Between the 16th and the 18th May 2016 Monmouth RFC hosted the Welsh Under 20s Six Nation Grand Slam winners at our club for a three day pre Rugby World Cup training camp. This was the first such event of this kind in Wales initiated by the WRU, with over 30 players being hosted by the families of our young rugby players during the training camp.

The event was a resounding success for both the Welsh team and everyone at Monmouth RFC. Thank you to everyone who took part in this process. Some lasting memories were made and the legacy event was a fantastic evening for everyone involved.

The very best of luck to Tom and the Welsh team at the Rugby World Cup. Bring back the silverware boys!!

Below are some photos and comments from the families who hosted the players.

Thank you.


Lloyd Davies
Monmouth RFC

"What a wonderful experience we have all had the privilege to be involved with. We thoroughly enjoyed having both Scott & Liam at our house, they too are polite, friendly and ambitious individual boys. Both are fantastic ambassadors for rugby & the next generation.

I feel we have all gained so much for this, from a personal, club & WRU point of view. We would happily be a host family again.

Gethin, I wanted to know if Scott's scan was alright & if he will be able to be part of the squad going to Manchester? Please can you let him know we wish him a swift recovery & hope to see him play in the world cup.

All the best to the U20 team.

Thank you again"


"Thank you also from the family Graefe.

I would like to buck the trend by saying that our 2 boys, Robert and Cory, were wild, beer swilling monster props, of whom their mam's should be ashamed, but that was not the case. Monster props for sure, but delightful guests, great company, kind to the kids, true ambassadors and there will always be a big bed or two for our big boys in this house.

Don't rest on your laurels Lloyd, crack on with organising the Monmouth families coaches - mad Chester here we come. I will take 2 steaks in my handbag just in case my big boys get peckish whilst thrashing the All Blacks.

Thanks all - a great job MRC team - hats off to you all."


"Now that we have all been able to take a breath following the outstanding last few days at Monmouth RFC, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your amazing commitment, hard work and energy that has delivered a great U20 pre JRWC camp. Your enthusiasm from the beginning has been infectious and the quality of provision that the players and staff have experienced has created memories that will last a long time. As stated in the earlier e-mail to the host families the whole experience has undoubtedly given the players a fantastic personal experience as they make their way into their professional careers.

You are model club and together you have established a club culture that in my opinion is a model for all to follow.

Many thanks for you support
WRU National Performance Manager


"I haven't copied everyone in on this one as I'm sure it will send another cascade of emails through our host parents!

Just wanted to say a personal thank your for your very kind words.

As I have said, it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome you to our rugby family - the boys and all the coaching staff are now firmly adopted by Monmouth RFC.

The boys are a credit to our country and to the WRU and I wish them all much success and every good luck at the World Cup and beyond.

We have many sad parents tonight , who have admittedly shed a tear that the boys are no longer with them - never mind the children!

All of you will always be welcome, with open arms, here in Monmouth.

Thank you for letting us be a part of such a huge event."


"Just wanted to thank the club once again for a fantastic few days. We had Tom Phillips stay with us and it was great to meet him – a totally top bloke. He formed a real bond with my rugby-playing son and was just as kind to my other ‘non rugby’ son. He has invited us to watch him play rugby and we can’t wait to see him and the other guys play. It was a memorable experience for all of us. I just hope Henri will eventually stop sleeping with his signed rugby ball and will one day take off the top Tom gave him which reaches his knees!!!"
Rachel, Claude, Joel & Henri Dubé


"It was really enjoyable helping out yesterday and being part of such a fantastic event. Much better than my normal day at the office!

We really enjoyed having Rhian to stay with us. He was so polite and well mannered and a brilliant ambassador for Welsh Rugby. His parents must be really proud of him. I would gladly host again if they want to come back for another training camp.

Both the children were a bit sad tonight saying they wished Rhian was still here. I think they would adopt him as a big brother if they could!

Well done to everyone at the club who made such a great event happen."


"A great few days for Monmouth Rugby Club and thanks to the WRU and Lloyd for bringing the event to our Club. Emma and Jon - a big thank you to both of you.

We had Harri Millard and Kieran Williams staying with us - great lads! With no young rugby children in our family (anymore) it was good to talk about rugby with people who are playing it at the highest level. The conversation was somewhat more informed than the conversations in the Club bar following our Youth matches (ha ha!)

We are definitely up for this again if the honour of hosting such an event comes Monmouth RFC's way again.

Steve & Gabby Miles


"Thanks so much Emma for everything you’ve done to make the last few days such a great experience - not just for the players but for us as hosts. We really enjoyed having Joe Thomas to stay with us. He was such a good house guest - I wish my own boys were as helpful and polite at home!!! He really mucked in and I hope he had as much fun as we all did.

You must be exhausted after all those late nights and early mornings. A large glass of wine is in order for you this afternoon!"


"I can only echo everyone's great comments on such a fantastic few days. Josh was the most polite, courteous and engaging player and always had time for Harry and Grace, especially the coaching session in the garden!! Josh like all the other players are a real credit to their team and the WRU."


"What great e mails flying around this morning. Superb response.
Clearly everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and as an Englishman the guilt of supporting Wales has waned!!

Leon, our tight head ,in residence; was a genuinely lovely guy. Leon spent time coaching Fergus last night until dark (and then taking a turn on the trampoline !) It meant so much to all of us. We will miss him and the team.

We're now going to Manchester to see some games and offer our support.

The pleasure was sincerely all ours and I know I will spend time "bigging up" the U20's matches and the fantastic group of young men we met.

Gethin, Lloyd et al - thank you for giving us the opportunity!"


"And a massive thank you from the Weldon household for giving us the opportunity to host the delightful Joe Thomas. Such a lovely young man. We will miss his expert one-on-one coaching in the garden with Charlie in the evenings. As Gabby has just said, it was actually quite sad saying goodbye this morning.

We would also be very keen to host again if Monmouth RFC ever gets the chance to be part of something as special as this in the future.

Thanks too to all the team working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a fabulous experience for all involved. What a great club we all have the privilege of being part of!"


"Happy to wholeheartedly concur with all that’s been said.

Dan and Rueben are an absolute credit to their families and the WRU; such polite, engaging, fun and entertaining individuals. There was a tangible sadness in our household this morning now that it’s all over. We would most certainly be delighted to host again if ever requested to do so.

Good luck to the boys, we will be watching your progress with keen interest!

Thank you all for a unique and thoroughly worthwhile experience."


"The last three days have been busy, exciting and very enjoyable. Bryce has been an excellent guest, it is a long time since we had a teenager under our roof, but he couldn't have been better. Sam, our grandson, was very impressed that a rugby player who 'plays for Wales ' was staying on the farm and it has given him memories which he will treasure for years to come.

Thank you to Monmouth Rugby Club for giving us the opportunity to meet an U 20's Grand Slam winner, we are so glad we took up the challenge. We will be following the team and especially Bryce in the future World Cup and hope they all do well. Playing in a team is so important in a young person's life and representing a town and country must be everyone's dream. These players are a credit to Wales and will go far in their lives ahead."
Kathy and Jeff


"Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to host the players. George and Kieron have been fantastic guests, and we’ve all had such a laugh. I know that Iestyn and Rhys have gained some very fond ‘forever' memories over the last few days and we’ll be keeping an eye on these lovely young men’s careers with great interest - along with making the most of the inevitable bragging rights that they actually stayed in our house and came to our club!

I hope they enjoyed the experience as much as we did and I look forward to seeing them ’smashing’ the World Cup opposition as Kieron puts it."


"A reiteration of all that has been previously voiced from the Brockley household- encapsulated best by a photo' of Terri surrounded by my adoring children, with the addition of an overly enthusiastic cocker spaniel that was clearly not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to be part of our temporarily extended family. As a testament to the positive values being propogated by these young ambassadors for the duration of Terri's stay, Gabriel has declared that he is adhering to a sportman's diet and is binning the sweets..happy day!

Thanks, of course to Emma, in particular (and Jonathan) for making the process so seamless.

I think that the Club should be proud collectively of what has been achieved over these past couple of days, it has been great for the children, our relationship with the WRU and will doubtless, benefit the wider public, with our visitors leaving to share tales of their positive experiences of the hubbub of living within a thriving and supportive community!"


"Would like to agree with all the comments, well behaved, polite and a pleasure to host them. Great ambassadors for the game.

Good luck next month, we will be cheering (possibly/hopefully pitch side!)."
James Boret


"Just wanted to say a big thanks for yesterday afternoon/night. It was a very special, and a great end to the season. All our boys absolutely loved it."
Mike Rose


"I completely agree with all the others. Joe Gage was not only charming and eloquent, he played with our boys, emptied the dishwasher and left his room neat and tidy! Not many teenage boys I know do all that without being asked!

We'd be more than happy to host players again."


"May I just say what a pleasure it has been to host the two boys Ifan and Morgan, they have been great company and a great inspiration to my son Elliott. They have conducted themselves in an exemplary manner and they have fitted in as part of the family.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish them and the whole team the very best of luck at the forthcoming world cup."


"Have to agree with you, it's been an absolute pleasure. We had the Pleasure in hosting Dillon Lewis and Tom Williams. Who were both so polite and engaging with our two boys, and just generally great company.

They are a credit to the WRU, and our house will be proudly cheering them on in all their future games."

"I think its us that should be thanking you really as its been a pleasure hosting Keelan Giles who has been exceptionally polite and a real inspiration to our kids (and us!).

Its been an honour to meet not only future rugby stars but genuinely nice people."

"It's been an absolute pleasure hosting the boys - Shaun Evans & Seb Davies - and are truly thankful to have had the opportunity to be involved.

Thank you Lloyd!"
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