1XV v Newtown (home) 09 Dec 2017

1XV v Blackwood Stars (home) 21 Oct 2017

36-0 Win

A good win despite poor conditions

With the Sports Ground draining so well there was little chance of Storm Brian forcing a postponement to the league match against visitors Blackwood All Stars last Saturday.

Instead the the strong winds combined by the power of Monmouth' front five blew away their opponents in the tight to win 36-0 along with a bonus point.

The first score came early as the referee began laying down his ground rules and Monmouth benefited from a successful kick by wing Tabb in the gusting wind in return for a 'no arms' tackle.

Tries: D.Bartlett, Penalty Try, S.Harding, T.Hawkins, R.Davies
Conv: M.Tabb (3)
Pen: M.Tabb

1XV v Crickhowell (home) 16 Sep 2017

Sadly, there is no adult rugby to report upon this week despite the Herculean efforts of local officials to arrange alternative opponents. After Monnmouth’s eight try win against Oakdale last week there was much anticipation of even better to come against Crickhowell in the first round of the National Bowl competition until they pulled out allowing Monmouth to progress to the next round without having to raise a sweat, let alone dirty their knees.

1XV v Abertysswg (home) 14 Oct 2017

46-10 Win

Bonus Point Win For Monmouth

After almost immediately going three points behind from a penalty for not rolling away and then not allowing play to progress the requisite ten metres, expectations of a tough battle against visitors to the Sports Ground, Abertysswg, were soon to be put into perspective.

Tries: Morgan Paley, Joel Grant, Dan White, Amosa Nove, Will Smith, Paul Emanuelli.
Conv: Matthew Tabb (5).
Pen: Matthew Tabb (2).

1XV v Abergavenny (away) 07 Oct 2017

17-3 Win

Monmouth Progress In Cup

Fearful that Monmouth were certain to win away again, the Bailey Park crowds were much reduced following their heavy defeat in the League the previous week. Their fears were to be confirmed in that Abergavenny again succumbed to the strength of the visitors, but the 18-3 loss was not the hiding that many homesters may have feared.

Tries: P.Emmanueli, Giles
Conv: M.Tabb
Pen: M.Tabb

1XV v Tredegar Ironsides (away) 23 Sep 2017

52-16 Win

Bumper win for Monmouth

Fearing the worst in case the pitch was waterlogged as had been suggested only the day before, Monmouth were delighted to play away at Tredegar Ironsides on a perfect pitch and in bright sunshine.

The persistent diagonal wind was a potential asset for at least half of the game for both sides although neither used it perhaps often enough when they had the chance. But at least it all combined to provide a fast and flowing game with a total of 10 tries scored but with 7 of these for Monmouth, the rather obvious winner from an early stage.

Tries: S.Parsons, Grant (3), Nove, Paley, Williams, Pardoe
Conv: M.Tabb (6)

1XV v Oakdale (home) 09 Sep 2017

59-17 Win

Eight Try Win by Monmouth

From virtually the very start, on what was obviously an ideal day for open rugby, apart, that is, for a strong cross-wind, Monmouth, strengthened by the return of a super fit Matt Tabb fresh from his travels in Australia, capitalised upon an excellent counter-attack initiated by him. As usual centre Nuove was up in support to complete the first try of the game inside a minute of the start. Tabb bolstered the kicking, too, making it 7-0 whilst late-comers were still drifting in to the ground.

T: Max Davies (4), Amosa Nove (2), Ed White, Dan White.
C: Matt Tabb (5).
P: Matt Tabb (3).

Monmouth 1st XV v Oakdale 1st XV - 09/09/2017

Monmouth 1st XV v Oakdale 1st XV
Saturday 9th September 2017

1. Jamie Ridgeway
2. Dean Bartlett
3. Zen Szwagrzak (C)
4. Aaron Cox
5. Hwyel Rose
6. Rhys Davies
7. Joel Grant
8. Scott Giles

9. Max Davies
10. Sam Parsons
11. Dan White
12. Morgan Paley
13. Amosa Nove
14. Dan Williams
15. Matt Tabb

16. Will Dixon
17. Ed White
18. Gareth Morgan
19. Chris Cornock
20. Dafydd Davies

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